February 7th, 2008
Orbit Source Code Released
Hi again! It's been a long time since the last time I updated this site. After so long, I thought it'd be only fair that I post something interesting. So here we go:

Orbit Source Code (3921KB)

This is the source code for Orbit in the state that I have it in my computer. It's come further along from the last nightly I posted and since it's been so long since I last fiddled with it, I have no idea of the changelog.
I guess this also means that I won't be updating Orbit anymore... Sorry. I's been a LONG time since the first build (in 2003) and I just wanted to move on for the longest time.

May I remind you that You may freely use the source code contained here in your programs as long as you keep the source openly available and give credit to the original author(s) where due.

May 20th, 2006
Preview Builds for .Net 2.0 and .Net 1.1
Hello! It's been a long time since I posted any progress at all on the Orbit front. Well, here it is.
For now, I'll post two builds: one for .Net 1.1 and one for .Net 2.0. These builds are considered unstable and should not be used as if they were a real release. My ISP recently blocked the 80 port on my server, so error reporting won't work at all.
What can I say more? "Have Fun!"? :P

Orbit Nightly 060504-1730 for .Net 1.1
Orbit Nightly 060504-1730 for .Net 2.0

January 20th, 2006
Polish and Dutch language files
A little update: some cool users have sent in new translations for Orbit! This time they're Polish (Polski) and Dutch (Nederlands) translations!

As always you can download the files separately by clicking HERE FOR POLISH and HERE FOR DUTCH. To install these, simply throw the XML files inside the folder names "Language" in the Orbit folder.

Anyone who downloads Orbit from this day on has the Polish and Dutch language files built-in :)

September 8th, 2005
Japanese language and Softpedia 100% Clean Award
I'm posting to say that i've got a Japanese (Nihongo) language file in from an user (thanks!!!) and It's available HERE. The individual download packages have also been updated.

Now Orbit officially supports:
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • and now Japanese
Isn't that just great?

And just to make me even happier, I've received an e-mail from Softpedia granting Orbit the Softpedia 100% Clean Award! This is specially great, since some people constantly confused Orbit with an infamous spyware app that was also called Orbit. I, unfortunately, didn't know of that app existance at the time.

Softpedia 100% Clean

March 28th, 2005
Small Update
It's been slow due to university. But a nice friend was cool enough to provide me with a spanish translation to Orbit. It's slipstreamed into the ZIP file. So all you need to do is re-download the release and it'll be there.

I've been working on the recode sporadically (whenever I have the time) but I haven't got the head for beta-testing yet... So whenever my schedule clears up a bit more, I'll release a nightly from the latest branch and we'll see how this beast behaves! I personally think that behaving smooth (50+fps) while having 2000 items open is quite nice :)

Janurary 5th, 2005
Orbit in issue 24 of C'T Magazine
That's right! I just received issue number 24 of C'T Magazine and Orbit's in it! Grab your issue right now!!!
Also mentioned is Avedesk by my fellow developer, Ave. I was surprised to find that we're on the same page!

I'm really happy about this! I'm showing everyone the small 1/4th of a page writing where Orbit's featured. Why? Cause this means a hell of a lot to me! It's the first time that something I did gets on a publication with such circulation!
I'd like to thank the guys at C'T for that :)

What else can I say??
BIG THANKS to all my friends and everyone that supported Orbit!
If you ever need anything, just drop by and we'll have a beer ;)

October 18th, 2004
Orbit 0.3.5 Released!
Download Orbit 0.3.5 full (1484KB) - For new users
Download Orbit 0.3.5 update (573KB) - For users who already have orbit up and running

This is a much expected release for me, since from the start of the beta test, i strived to make it the most compatible of all Orbit releases. I'm really proud of it. During beta testing with all my testers on various machines under various circumstances, this release has shown exceptional stability.
Overall: I'm extremely happy with this release. If you have problems with it. Please report them to me (if they aren't automatically reported by Orbit) and help this program become even better :)
I'd like to thank all the people that, be it directly or indirectly, contributed to this release by beta testing, making art, compatibility testing, saying "hey don't stop this!". Thank you all!

October 5th, 2004
Once again, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates.
But I'm still here. Alive. I have an Orbit release scheduled for the 20th. I hope to get it done in time (it is done. but i need to test it).
I'm making a re-design of this site. something to match my DevBlog better. starting to get sick of this one :\

July 9th, 2004
hi! sorry for the lack of updates on the orbit front.
i've been sidetracked lately. both because i've been studying and because my free time got occupied by another interesting project that might benefit orbit in a feature or two. i won't disclose any info on it. but when it gets mature enough, i'll post something to look at. :)

one thing has caught my eye lately. i saw a preview of objectdock plus over at wincustomize the other day. and i noticed that jeff (od developer) is claiming the "Completly original" feature of "flyout folders". in other words: he's saying that the whole concept that drove orbit for the last year (yes. on july 11th orbit is one year old =D) is all his new and innovative and 100% original idea. i posted follow-ups to his postings on that on forums trying to clarify him on the point that the concept existed for quite a while now. i'm still waiting for his response. for those who don't know, the idea of flyout folders (orbit) originated from a great guy in the aquaxp forums called scoobydd (known as doubled in aqua-soft.org). my will here isn't to stop him from implementing that feature in objectdock. but to make him give credit to the original idealist of the concept: doubled (aka scoobydd =P).

let's see how this goes.
i'll try my best to keep you guys posted :)
Latest Release
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Download Orbit 0.3.5 full (1836KB) - For new users
Download Orbit 0.3.5 update (975KB) - For users who already have orbit up and running
Reminder: This program requires the .Net Framework

Managed DirectX Libraries
These are required by Orbit and should go in the same folder as Orbit.exe.
If you downloaded the full version, you don't need these files
Download the Managed DirectX Libraries (860KB)

Source Code
Visual Studio 2003 Project.
Please run the "Script - Set Up Binary Folders.bat" script before building.
Download the Orbit source code (3921KB)

Previous Releases
These releases were done a while ago and are outdated. It's highly recommended that you download always the latest release.
Orbit (beta)
Orbit (beta)
Orbit (beta)
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scoobydd for the initial idea and for beta testing
Quazimodo for the name and for the bug-hunting
Dayle for the extra iconset AND the webspace AND for beta testing lol
Al-beik for helping me out with transparency (thanks for pointing out the Windows API function :P)
Moby for helping me out with making Orbit transparent (thanks for pointing out how to get it OUT of Direct3D :P)
Alex for beta testing
Mike for beta testing and for the new iconset
Andrew for THOROUGHLY testing this beast! :D (also for being so comprehensive on bug reports)
Stevie for helping out with the magnification code AND TRIANGLE STRIPS! :P
Yiannis for helping out with Transparent Mode optimizations!
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